STEP #3 – Markets & Motivations
March 27, 2018
STEP #1 – Mindset
March 27, 2018
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STEP #2 – Skills & Passions

Hot tip… It is fun to do things that we are good at. It sucks to do things we aren’t good at.

So it may sound overly simplistic, but it’s true. In order to set the table for a meaningful career, you need to identify your best skills.

There are a TON of skills that are valuable and employable. Here is a small selection to get you thinking:

If you are having trouble identifying your best skills, go talk to the people that know you best. Your friends and family will cut through the mental clutter to help you find clarity.

Once you have identified your best skills, it’s important to prioritize which skills you are most passionate about. After all, some skills will be much more interesting and fulfilling to you than others.

Rate the skills you are most passionate about on a scale of one to ten – with ten being the height of your passion. Now circle the 5 skills that you are most passionate about.

In STEP #1 we talked about Mindset, now in STEP #2 we have identified your best skills, and the skills you are most passionate about.

As a personal anecdote, when I was working at TSN I was a solid writer and producer of highlights and stories. I was also super passionate about sports, sports media, statistics, analytics and story-telling. It was the job I always thought I wanted. But I was struggling to become financially independent, and working nights and weekends made it very difficult to have a social life – which was important to me.

So I was stuck. Do I remain at my “dream job” and accept these limitations, or do I find somewhere else to apply my passionate skills?

And this brings us to STEP #3, which is all about finding markets that satisfy your passionate skills and serve your motivations.


STEP #3 – Markets & Motivations

STEP #4 – Model Success

STEP #5 – Vision Mapping


STEP #1 – Mindset

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